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Recession Resolution Workshop - October 18th

Recessions happen. We can work together to ensure you are prepared and secure so you can continue to serve your communities and maintain your livelihood.

About this experience

Recession. It’s a word that makes you catch your breath. 

Here’s the good news: 

If you have a small business, you have the choice not to participate. 

You read right. Small businesses don’t have to participate in a recession. You have the advantage - if you know how to navigate through it

In this exclusive, 4-hour intensive workshop, Mike Michalowicz will reveal new and proven strategies and techniques to apply to your business today.

You will walk away with a plan to ensure sustainability in your business through any crisis. And that’s the confidence all business owners need.

You’ll become a master at:

  • Where to start - Navigate the mass behavioral psychology around recessions and learn how to use them to your advantage. Position yourself on cash and equity.

  • New customers - While most businesses struggle with "downstream" retention moves, you will master the "up stream" look that brings in a flow of new customers.

  • Master your evaluations - Leverage the fundamental principles of efficiencies, cost control, price enhancement and competitive acquisitions so you’re ensuring the sustainability of your business.

  • Best positioning - What happens next? Discover how to position yourself for surge demand during economic recovery. Understand the key indicators and predictors of how the market is shifting and how your industry is being affected.

  • Eliminate debt and navigate inflation.

This is a 4-hour live virtual session with Mike. There will be a ten minute break at each hour. Along with the content, this includes workshop components, live Q&A and resources. 

Make the declaration now. Your business will not be a victim of the recession. Empower your business and resolve that any crisis, even a recession, won't stand in the way of profit and sustainability of your business.

Your Host

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By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had identified the formula for success, he became a small business angel investor… and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then, he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy and strong companies. Mike became a business author with a clear mission:

Eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.