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Rewriting Clockwork

Join Mike Michalowicz and his co-writer AJ Harper as they discuss why they re-wrote Clockwork and how to write a revised and expanded version of a book.

About this experience

Mike and his co-writer, AJ Harper, decided to reboot Clockwork.

Clockwork was written from the ground up. Clockwork Revised and Expanded is 60% new content, and 100% simplified.

Now, for the first time, Mike and AJ want to share their process - so you too can learn how to revamp your own book or product.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you might want to write a revised and expanded edition of your book

  • How to determine if your book needs a refresh

  • How to pitch the new edition to your publisher

  • The writing and editing process, and how it differs from writing a book from scratch

  • How book launch changes for a reboot vs. a new title

  • How this process is applicable to all offerings

Who this workshop is for:

You can apply these exclusive, never before shared, principles to rebooting a product or service too. This workshop is perfect for authors who have a book, as well as authors who don't have one yet. 

When it’s taking place: Tuesday, September 6th, at 1pm Eastern Time

Cost: Free!