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The Communication Course

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This course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to establish effective communication within their organizations and with their customers. In this course, you will learn new techniques to improve efficiency, productivity, teamwork, and client engagement. Mike Michalowicz, an expert in entrepreneurship and communication, will teach you how to create a framework for communication that authentically represents you and your business, strengthening your reputation. You will learn why communication skills are more important now than ever before, as expectations from employees, customers, and employers have shifted. Throughout the course, you will develop the skills to communicate mindfully and powerfully. You will learn methods for speaking and listening that lead to stronger understanding and improved efficiency in your business. You will also break old, broken communication habits and learn how to add more value to your words. To help you achieve your goals, you will make a PACT at the end of each module that is Purposeful, Actionable, Continuous, and Trackable. You will have exercises and a workbook to help you develop your skills. Some of the exercises you will practice in this course include: Using open-ended questions to initiate conversations Actively listening without giving fixed feedback, advice, or solutions Repeating the last three or four words of a statement as a question to show curiosity Taking a breath for three seconds before responding to improve listening Repackaging what you heard someone say to confirm understanding Practicing empathy by putting yourself in someone else's shoes Improving communication in email, social media, calls, letters, and marketing Using brevity techniques to get your point across in fewer words By the end of this course, you will have elevated your communication skills and developed a greater sense of confidence in your abilities. You will be able to improve efficiency and productivity in your business, close more sales, make customers happier, and engage your team.